These Cats Are Shocked To Learn Where They’re Going, And It’s Hilarious!

Cats are unique pets, and owning one means making choices for their own good like neutering them. It’s a responsible thing to do, but they just don’t understand it. Once cats find out they are being taken to the vet, they are in shock! And it’s so cute!

Here are some great cat pics which show them in the moment of realization they’re being taken to the vet:

1. Dr. Snips did WHAT?!

2. Oh the humanity!

3. They’re – they’re gone.

4. Hello darkness, my old friend.

5. I trusted you!

6. Ehrmigod.

7. They did what now?

8. You wouldn’t do that, sir! Not on Christmas, you wouldn’t!

9. Cat? What cat?

10. I have nothing left to live for. Just flush me.