Fargo, A Senior Cat Rescued From Brink Of Death, Purrs and Chirps Like …

WEST VIRGINIA – Rescuers discovered this senior orange tabby outside in the cold, half frozen to death.

They managed to bring him back to full health, and this senior kitty purrs and chirps like a kitten!

This is Fargo!

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, which is a rescue group in Charleston, West Virginia, got a message from Eva of B.A.R.C. Boone Animal Rescue Coalition about a ginger cat that was found “half frozen”.

“Eva only contacts me about the kitties that truly need more than they have to offer so I knew (before I even saw a photo) that this kitty needed help now,” Dorella Tuckwiller, founder of IBKC shared with the people of Love Meow.

Once the ginger was transported over to the vet’s office, he was smothered with love. He was barely able to open his eyes, but he purred like a lawn mower.

“I looked at him and knew that he was a very old fellow…. The smell from him was awful. He was so skinny… He was immediately taken back for a combo test. The blood was drawn and I sat there and waited.”

Surprisingly, Fargo got a clean bill of health!

Fargo, now finally feeling safe, slept like a true baby. Today, he is living with a foster family, which will indeed be his forever family, for they will not adopt him out.

“Fargo sure is living the life with his foster family. (We will not adopt the boy out, we are basically hospice until his very last breath.) Other than old age, medically, he’s doing fine.”

“He is so incredibly sweet, his purr is unlike anything I’ve ever heard! When he gets feisty, he nibbles at your hand with his one tooth,” Emiley Schoolcraft, Fargo’s foster mom, went on to explain to Love Meow.

“We are unsure of the amount of time he has left on this earth, what we are sure of is the love we have for this sweet old boy and the amount of love he has for us.”

His past is a complete mystery, but what they do know, is that Fargo will live out the rest of his life in a warm home surrounded by love.

H/T: www.lovemeow.com

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