Fat Cat Goes Viral After Being Posted Online

The bigger someone is, the more there is to love, right? It’s the same with cats. The bigger they are, the more there is to cuddle. If the feline is healthy it doesn’t matter how big it is.

At least that’s the case with Fat Fred. The adorable chunky recently went viral after photos of a funny vet sign went online. The sign explained Fat Fred’s situation in a funny way so people wouldn’t be confused about his weight.

Many people who passed by the vet reported a shockingly obese cat and asked for his health. The clinic decided to do something about it and wrote a hilarious sign that explained everything about ‘El Gato mas Gordo Fat Fred’. Translated, that means ‘The fattest cat Fat Fred’. Cute nickname, right?

Fat Cat Fred has been dealing with weight gain for a while and has been put on a diet. However, things aren’t going well. The good news is that the sign said he loves people so anyone can enter and pet him – he loves the attention. In the end, it funnily reads: “Fat Fred is up for adoption, but we do have smaller models”. As soon as pics of the note went online, Fat Fred went viral as well. We hope that the cute chunky manages to slim down – it’s for his own good.

Cats Shouldn’t be That Big

Although they’re cute, cats as big as Fat Fred need to be put on a diet. The fact remains that cats and all other types of pets can really struggle with excess weight – it’s not great for their heart and health at all.

Protein and fiber-rich foods are recommended along with plenty of exercise. It’s basically the same treatment humans need when they struggle with excess weight. Wet food works best in this case than dry, and food high in carbs and fats should also be avoided. If your kitty has such a problem and is ‘begging’ for food, you might consider the fact that it’s not hungry, but begging for attention.