These Cats Look Even More Adorable Angry!

No matter how angry they are, cats always look adorable. We don’t know what made the cats below so angry, but they are cute. Cats never get mad without a reason – there’s absolutely something you did that have made them angry.

Can you figure out what made these cats so grumpy?

1. You know very well about my choices, then why would you cook this for me. Take this away from me right now or else you will see my bad side.

2. I want to have all of it. What do you mean I can’t even taste it? I can and I will and you better not stop me.

3. How did you even think that I would agree to it? Take me out of here right away.

4. I thought that we were ready for it. How can you cancel at the last moment?

5. You sly hooman, see what I will do now. You will have to face the loath of a bad kitty. Anyways, I hate you now.

6. I am so hungry that I can eat you up right now. You should have thought of the consequences before doing this.

7. What will be the next move of this kitty? Will he take revenge or just let go? Well, that look says it all.

8. Leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to you at all right now. You are a really bad hooman. I think I should find another one for myself.

9. This cat is trying not to react, but looks like he will burst any moment. Hold on kitty, you are doing good.

10. This grumpy cat’s face says it all. You dare not ask another question or the consequences can be really bad.