The World’s Worst Cat Goes for Adoption

A North Carolina animal shelter recently decided to put the world’s ‘worst’ cat for adoption online and people have gone crazy about the description. The 4-year old, Perdita, is a shorthair cutie that arrived at the shelter after her owner died. Ever since the beginning, she was too ‘hot’ to handle. The staff didn’t have much success in ‘taming’ the cat, with many joking that it’s the absolutely worst feline of all time.

Vets checked Perdita for the source of aggression, but they couldn’t find nothing. She was just wired that way. After a while, the clinic realized that finding an adoptive family for Perdita would prove a tough challenge. They tried it anyway, though, and it was hilarious. Check out the adoption ad posted on Facebook:

Even though she was described as a ‘jerk’, the post went viral which resulted in 50 adoption applications. It seems that people are very interested in owning the world’s worst cat. Many were sympathetic about Perdita who was undoubtedly confused and traumatized after losing her beloved owner. The stress of living in a confined space certainly added oil to the fire, and her vicious personality made finding an adopter a challenge. Thanks to the creative minds of the shelter staff, though, she will soon find a new home.

Everyone deserves a chance, right?