Feeling Blue? These Hilarious Cat Memes Can Lift You Up!

There are literally hundreds of cat memes online and it seems that the party never stops. Cat memes will never go out of trend and we all have to admit that most of them are pretty funny and on point. Whenever you’re feeling down, cat memes can instantly pick you up. That’s just how cats are – they know how to spread a bit of love in everyone’s life!

Take a look at these hilarious cat memes:

1. The cat was absolutely confused what was he supposed to do with the potatoes. When will this hooman understand that I am gaining weight and I need to avoid this stuff. He always makes things hard for me.

2. When you were about to have the purrfect picture, but the kitty interferes to teach you what’s actually purrfect.

3. Don’t suffocate the kitty. He would run away otherwise. You have to respect him enough not to do that.

4. The entertainer of the night is here. Are you ready to have some fun? The kitty is the best at what she does!

5. That’s a nightmare come alive. Now I would not get all the attention of my hooman. Why did it happen to me? I am a good kitty. I deserve to be happy.

6. When you catch the culprit and are amazed by your findings because all this while something else was going on in your mind.

7. The kitty will always get the best. How did you even dream of getting the bigger mat? I will show you your right place now!

8. The kitty is real with trying on new stuff and his hooman is also an enthusiast. So that’s the best pair imaginable.

9. That’s how you enjoy the weekend. I hope that you are learning to do it right!

10. That is why all the humans have been going crazy about snow. Now I know they have a good reason.