Feral Cat Accepts Some Help To Save Her Darling Kittens

Katie Lanza and her neighbors had been feeding a feral cat in their area for over a year.

When the cold weather hit and snow began to fall they feared for this kitty, who they named Lipstick. And so, they began to brainstorm some way to help her stay warm out in the cold.

It was just about five days later when they located her and they trapped underneath a neighbor’s porch. And that’s just when they noticed – that Lipstick WAS PREGNANT!

Two weeks later Lipstick ended up giving birth to four adorable kittens.

Katie stated: “Once they were born and Lipstick cleaned them up, we put them in a fresh kitty bed and used a heating pad to help regulate their temperature, she is very, very sweet but very protective. She lets me handle her babies to check their weight and make sure they are nursing but will lightly smack my hand if I have been holding them too long.”

Watch Lipstick with her lovely kittens in the adorable video below!

h/t: Lovemeow