Firefighter and Police Officer Rescue Young Kitten from Drainpipe

MOUNT DRUITT, AUSTRALIA – An adorable kitten trapped in a drainpipe at Emerton shopping centre was saved by a kind fireman and a policewoman on Saturday.

At about 3.30pm Constable Rebecca Edgar-Moore of Mt Druitt Police took a call from a member of the public, with the tip that a kitten had somehow become trapped down a stormwater drain.

Police then contacted Mt Druitt Fire Station and both services soon arrived on the scene, and a rescue operation was in full swing.

Bryce Ryan with Rachael Edgar-Moore and Krysta the kitten.
Bryce Ryan with Rachael Edgar-Moore and Krysta the kitten.

Firefighter Bryce Ryan said that it was a simple rescue.

“When we arrived we lifted up the grate, it made a bit of noise so the cat got scared and had run down the drain a bit,” he said.

He selflessly climbed down the drain to search for the cute kitty.

Bryce Ryan holds the cat aloft.
Bryce Ryan holds the cat aloft.

“It was about two meters deep into the drain and when I went down I could see the cat and it pretty much just walked right up to me,” he said.

“It knew we were there to rescue it.”

The lucky kitten was quickly handed over to the police, who took it directly to Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue, where it is doing well and has been named Krysta.


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