Fireman Performs Life-saving CPR on Kitten for 5 Minutes After Rescuing Tiny Animal Trapped in a Drain!

MALAYSIA -The young kitten is believed to have been trapped inside the piping for more than 24 hours – and almost died.

At the end of the article is the incredible moment a firefighter gives life-saving CPR to the kitten after rescuing it from a drain.

The tiny animal was trapped under a bunch of wooden boards outside a house in Nilai, Malaysia, when the homeowner reached out for help.

Station Operating Officer Mohd Syazwan Saidy stated that a 51-year-old man came into the station to inform the crew that he had spotted the kitten trapped inside the drain.

Syazwan went on to add: “According to him, the kitten was believed to have been stuck there for more than 24 hours.”

It took approximately 30 minutes to rescue the kitten , but when the team pulled it out of the drain, they saw it was barely breathing.

It was at this point that the Emergency Medical Response Service realized that they would need to perform CPR if they had any real chance of saving the apparently lifeless animal.

Syazwan stated: “The team performed the procedure for about five minutes before the kitten began to show signs of life.”

The man who originally reported the kitten to firefighters, whose been named in the media as Pietro Mohd Isa, then took the animal to the vets.

It is now believed that the kitten is approximately two to three weeks old and is now in a stable condition and showing positive improvements.

Isa explained to the New Straits Times : “The veterinarian told me that he will need to monitor the kitten’s condition for about a week.

“I am planning to bring it home because my wife loves cats.”

Isa has named the kitten ‘Bomba’ in honor of the brave firemen who saved its life.