Rescue Dog Helps Her Owners Feed the Stray Cats in Her Neighborhood!

GREECE – Fay and Dionisis are a young couple who live in Athens, Greece/ They are both very active in animal welfare.

They first became involved when they adopted their dog, whose name is Meli.

They began feeding the stray cats in their building and this quickly became a daily thing.

The cats began following them around and wait for them, and have actually formed into a colony of stray cats.

The cats have also developed a very special bond with the couple’s dog, whose name is Meli.

The cats have actually associated dinnertime with her presence, and every time they hear hew coming, three times each day, they follow her around and wait for their food.

Most of these cats have been neutered by the couple over time and they are doing their best they can to maintain the overall health and happiness of these cats!

The couple is also the founding members of SCARS, which is a Greek charity that is very involved in cat rescue.

You can follow them on their Facebook page!