Five Kittens Dumped In A Tote Bag in Kentucky! – VIDEO!

KENTUCKY – Five kittens were y recentldumped in a tote on the side of a Lawrence County road.

One kitten died, but the four who survived are currently in the care of the humane society.

Volunteers over at the Lawrence County Humane Society told LEX 18 that they received a call Saturday from a person saying they wanted to drop off a litter of kittens Sunday morning.

The person never arrived.

On Monday, they were notified that there were five young kittens found in a tote bag on the side of a road.

A person living nearby cared for the kittens until the Humane Society was able to pick them up.

Karen Salvaterra, who works with a Tri-State “Trap, Neuter, Return” program stated that the kittens were starving.

Two mother cats at the shelter took the four surviving felines into their loving care.

Salvaterra caims that the remaining cats are now doing well.

“I didn’t think they’d make it through the night,” Salvaterra admitted.

Salvaterra wants the person or people responsible to come forward to prevent this from happening again.

“That female is going to go back into heat, and she’s going to get pregnant again, they’re going to go do the exact same thing,” stated Salvaterra.

If you are interested in adopting one of the kittens once they are ready, call the Lawrence County Humane Society.