Tiny Rescued Kitten Literally Becomes Bodyguard To His Little Human

This is Gracie – a white and gray kitten who was found abandoned and was rescued from the streets by a good samaritan.

When Gracie the cat finally arrived at her forever home, she met this little cute boy from the family who adopted her and instantly created a wonderful bond.

She’s obsessed with my son. She’s basically his bodyguard,” Gracie’s human mom explained Love Meow.

Gracie was discovered by Grace Cathedral in San Francisco by a good Samaritan.

Her human mom managed to nurse her back to health. After sleeping in a warm bed and getting loads of good eats, little Gracie came out of her shell and sat by her little brother, watching him play video games.

That was the moment they bonded and they became best of friends.

“She needs to be near him whenever he’s home. She acts completely different when he is home than when he’s not. He can call her name and she will come running to him like a dog. She won’t do that for anyone else”

Gracie’s human mom explained to Love Meow.

“She has to sleep right near his head and nowhere else.”

Gracie just wanted to be with his little human no matter what.

Watching him like a real personal bodyguard

They are inseparable and both love each other

Gracie is all grown up now, and her love for her best friend has only multiplied.

Little Gracie chose him to be her forever human and has been guarding him ever since.

h/t: Love Meow | Photos: CARDIFAN