Woman Stumbles Upon a Starving Stray Cat While on Vacation and Changes His …

As animal lovers, it may be near impossible to resist going out of our way to help an animal in need. Whether that might mean rescuing a lost dog and doing whatever it take to find their home or alerting wildlife rehabilitators to some baby squirrel that has lost its mother, there is no task too great or small when it comes to lending a hand. Sometimes, this might even mean helping animals while out on vacation – just take a look at this story from Imgur user spicyadhesive who did something truly incredible for a stray cat she met while on vacation in Cyprus.

On the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, which has already been home to a large number of stray animals, the number of abandoned dogs and cats has nearly doubled since the recent financial crisis.

Although it is still a beautiful place to vacation, this woman was absolutely unable to turn a blind eye to the plight of these suffering strays.

One day she stumbled upon a skinny orange cat hiding among the dumpsters, her heart went out to him.

She wrote, “George was a skinny, frightened street cat from Cyprus. He lived alone and afraid amongst the rubbish.”

“When I saw him, I loved him instantly.”

“I spent my holiday feeding and cuddling this beautiful cat, who repaid me with unconditional affection and an unbreakable bond.”

When it came time for her to leave, she couldn’t leave him behind:

”I fought against every obstacle – researching how to get him out of Cyprus, transporting him to the vet in a rabbit cage when there was no other way… and I gladly parted with every penny I had.”

Today, George enjoys a sweet, happy life, living with his new family in the UK.

Thanks to his new mama, he enjoys a loving world full of kisses and cuddles.

As many say, saving one animal might not change the world – but for that animal, their entire world has changed.

All image source: Imgur / H/T: www.onegreenplanet.org