Fox Returns Each and Every Day to Have Dinner With Her Favorite Cat Friends!

Vixey isn’t your typical wild fox. She has actually befriended a group of cats and shares dinner with them every day!

When Vixey first arrived at England’s Second Chance Animal Rescue Crockenhill (SCAR), back in February, she was just a baby who had been rejected by her mother.

SCAR immediately took the fox cub in and bottle-fed her until she was strong enough to return to the wild on her own.

What transpired next was a bit unusual.

Vixey became unusually and uncommonly attached to the outdoor cats who also reside at the rescue. She became the very first rescued and released fox to continue a friendship with them.

Vixey is currently about 7 months old, and she returns every day to share a meal with her kitty friends. The cats don’t seem to mind at all but will smack her in typical cat fashion if she gets a little too greedy.

“I think she has come back because she knows she’s safe with us,” John Ranger, founder of SCAR, explained to The Dodo. “At the rescue, we have around 80 cats living a very free life, so Vixey saw cats very often.”

“We do give her fresh meat, but she likes cat food better,” Ranger said. “She creeps in and then just pounces on the feed in the bowl. The cats don’t bat an eyelid.”

The cats’ calm demeanor and overall zen attitude give Vixey a comfortable environment to eat and relax.

If you wish to help SCAR continue doing good work for animals in need, you can make a contribution here!


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