Story Of Just How Dragons Disappeared And The World Was Blessed With Cats!

We recently stumbled upon this story about the history of dragons and the creation of cats on I iz cat, and we thought to share it with all of you!

It goes like this:

Long long ago, men and dragons lived together in a fragile balance. Men worshiped these great Wyrms as gods, and in return dragon kind would allow us to live. We lived like this for centuries until men out numbered dragons 4 to 1. Over time man became tired of worshiping dragons so they betrayed them. Dragons who resided near villages or cities were hunted and killed quickly. After a mere two decades, dragons were almost extinct.

A few thousand years ago a young boy was lost in Egypt, he wandered down the Nile until he passed out on its bank. He awoke in the mouth of a cave surrounded by carrion, upon standing up he heard a low growl. He turned and was face to face with a small dragon. The boy was frozen with fear. He stands before a mythical beast of legends. What the boy did not expect was the Wyrm could speak. It told him what it was and it had no intention of harming him, but he must wait for night so the dragon can safely relocate. Night fell and the dragon left, but not before the boy picked up a scale off the ground. Many weeks later the boy was found by a search party his father made.

The boy was now a man, a scholar under the pharaoh with a boy of his own. One day he showed the scale to his son and told him of the time he met a dragon, only to find the scale was too hot to touch on one end. He grabbed the other side and turned around only to have the hot spot move to were his hands are. After experimentation, he found the heated side always points west.

The man was determined to find out why this scale was heated, he pleaded with his pharaoh to send him and others west to find what the scale was pointing to. He was only granted two weeks and after the two weeks an army would be sent to find him and slay any dragon that might be there.

The man and his son traveled for many miles before the scale had any reaction, but as they passed ruins of an ancient city the scale grew too hot to hold. They scoured the ruins for three days before finding a large pillar that had been moved to cover a house’s door. In this house was an opening into a large burrow of sorts. They walked into the burrow, the temperature of the air rose as they went deeper. At the end was a large den, and as they entered a voice spoke to them, one the man faintly remembered. It rang through the den in a low somber tone.

“I am dying, but I have brought you here in hopes that you will protect my children. I have known it would be you from when I first met you boy, that you would carry my kind into the hearts of humans. I have used the last of the world’s magic to turn these children into something humans need.”

The dragon lay his head on the ground and unwrapped his tail from around twenty or so small furry animals all sleeping in a pile. The dragon would be still forever after that, but the small animals in the pile began to stir. One rose its head and let out a familiar sound to us today, a kitten’s meow.

The man and his son began traveling back home, and on the trip back they encountered the army his pharaoh had sent. He was bought back and told the pharaoh these animals were given to them with the wish to protect them. Soon cats began to flourish, hunting the pests in our crops and warming our hearts with their care.

And that is the story of why there are no dragons but cats are everywhere.


Original story by lichklng