Sneaky Cat Raids Kitchen Drawers on Her Own

We can all agree that cats are sneaky creatures. However, it doesn’t get any sneakier than this. Sarah Taylor’s cat Muffin is a true (cat) burglar that learn to open the kitchen drawers without anyone’s help. How about that?

The whole thing’s been caught on camera and yes, it’s just as incredible as you can imagine. Muffin’s owner noticed that supplies are missing from the drawers and decided to install a camera nearby to see how they “disappear” into thin air. Except she found out that they disappeared in Muffin’s stomach instead.

Sarah filmed the 4-year old opening the drawers with extreme ease- Muffin spotted a treat to much on, took it out and went in unknown direction. He’s obviously a bright fella and has stunned everyone with his newfound ability. His friend Molly (Sarah’s other cat) is not as bright as Muffin, but she does love to sit in the open drawers as soon as the cat burglar finds a treat he loves.

Although Sarah plans on finding a workaround to this “problem”, she allowed Muffin to have the treat after the video was filmed. That’s the last raid on the kitchen drawer he’ll ever try.