Giant Polar Bear Happily Shares His Zoo Enclosure With Three Cats

The polar bear may be one of the world’s most fiercest animals, but one arctic giant showed his softer side after befriending two cats in a zoo in Almaty, southern Kazakhstan.

Footage from a visitor at the zoo clearly shows the cats relaxing with the huge bear, completely unconcerned that a big, deadly bear was walking his beat not more than feet from the,.

The polar bear has absolutely no natural predators in the wild, but the cats don’t seem to put off by that fact. .Reports suggest the animals are friends and by now have developed a special bond and mutual understanding.

In fact the carnivorous bear seemed more preoccupied with the zoo’s visitors, possibly dreaming of a bigger meals aside from the two small cats.

Inside the small compound the bear marches up and down by the fence of the enclosure probably wishing there weren’t the bars separating it from the long line of watching visitors on the other side.

Witnesses are speculating the bear did not go for the cats because it is normally very well fed and because of that has had the opportunity to develop a unique bond with the smaller animals.

A woman who witnessed the incident, Yulia Mamirbayeva, put on her Facebook page: ‘Not only is the tiger Amur friends with the goat Timur, we have a situation where a bear is friends with cats.’

She was referring to an incredible friendship formed between a tiger and a goat at a Russian zoo.

The goat was intended to be the tiger’s lunch, but the pair have become some of the animal kingdom’s most unlikely friends.

Reports say they go on walks together every day and it is the goat that is in full charge of relationship.

Polar bears are now listed as vulnerable to extinction by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The Soviet Union banned the hunting of the animal in 1956, but poaching has been a risk particularly in areas such as Chukotka, which is in north-east Russia, where the bears have actually approached coastal villages as the sea ice has shrunk.

Besides, who are we kidding? We KNOW cats. The cats run the bear’s enclosure. They are simply allowing him to reside there.

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