Feral Kitten Feels Loved for the Very First Time

When this very tiny frightened feral kitten experienced touch for the first time, you can plainly see the dramatic change in her. She felt loved and she wanted more and even more.

It was a rainy, dreary day at 2am in the morning in Japan. A man heard meowings coming from the parking garage on the lower level. He went down to locate the source of the cries. When he saw a tiny calico kitten standing behind a motorcycle, he knelt down to her level and tried to soothe the very frightened little kitten.

As soon as the kitten saw the man, she began hissing and spitting at him. She was very frightened and growling at him to back off.

In hopes to gain the little kitten’s trust, the man started to meow in a soft tone and even imitate the sounds pigeons make. Immediately, the kitten seemed to calm down from all the hissing.

When the kitten had finally composed herself, the man offered his hand, hoping she would let him pet her. Then the most beautiful thing you can imagine happened… The tiny beautiful kitty turned to the side, signaling that she was all right with the petting and loving.

Once the petting started, she simply could not get enough of it and went in her rescuer’s arms for the biggest cuddle of her life!

Love makes all the difference.