Go and get your own! Nugget the pet squirrel refuses to share her cracker with hungry kitten

LOUSIANA – Nugget the Pet Squirrel Refuses to Share Her Cracker With Hungry Kitten!

The adorable video below shows a kitten trying to steal a cracker from a squirrel that refuses to share her snack.

The entire noisy squabble was filmed by the owner of the pets in New Orleans, Louisiana, and has been shared online.

It shows the kitten trying very hard to get at the cracker from behind as pet squirrel Nugget eats it.

The squirrel can be heard becoming increasingly vocal and upset as the kitten continues trying to steal her food.

At one point, Nugget stands up on her back legs to try and prevent the naughty kitten from getting the cracker.

However the relentless kitty is seemingly undeterred by the defensive move and starts tapping the squirrel with its paws.

The owner explained in a post that the squirrel and foster kitten soon became friends again after Nugget finished the cracker.

‘This is my pet squirrel Nugget. She normally plays extremely well with my foster kittens,’ the owner noted.

‘She gets very possessive over her graham cracker and apparently gets very vocal.

‘Seconds after she was done she went to running around like she was psycho with the kittens again.’

Watch the adorable short video right here: