Gorgeous Tabby Cat with Googly Eyes Goes From Rescue Kitty to King of the House!

This is the heart-warming story of a beautiful cat named Meatball!

Meatball is a rescue tabby cat with eyes that are a bit, well, googly.

And although it may affect his vision a slight bit, that doesn’t seem to slow him down from enjoying life!


Meatball was born this way.

When he first met his cat mommy, he was a bit shy at first, but all that a side, she still saw something very special in him. She decided to give Meatball a forever home!
“Now he’s living the high life,” Meatball’s human mom stated via
[email protected]


What Meatball lacks in vision, he more than makes up for in cuteness!


One whole side of the sofa now belongs to Meatball!


Just take at this gorgeous kitty as he waits for some yummy kitty treats!

What a beauty Meatball is!


Meatball even has a BFF! A cute tuxedo kitty named Penguin!


Meatball is one happy, confident cat!


Photo credits: instagram @meatballrescuecat