Frozen Kitten Mistaken For A Patch Of Ice Is Rescued And Brought Back To Life

It was just another ordinary blizzard in Saskatchewan recently, when a police officer by the name of Sean Chiddenton spotted what seemed to be a chunk of ice but it was a bit strange, and it sort of looked like an animal.

Another police officer who was patrolling around as well saw the same thing and they both ended up discovering the chunk of ice was actually a small kitten that was bumping around during the terribly cold weather and the cutie was almost frozen solid.

“He wasn’t moving very much, but was meowing non-stop,” they stated. “Cst. O picked him up and put him in his truck and we dropped him off at the veterinary clinic. I checked in later to see what happened and was happy to see the little guy was alive and alert and meowing away!”

The kitten was in pretty rough shape and his body temperature was hard to bring up but once they managed to help him, the cutie did recover his personality and they named him Ambrose.

Little Ambrose was later adopted by a loving family and they’re all head over heels!

More info: Global News