Guy Finds Scrawny Kitten On His Doorstep. What Happens Next Is Nothing Short of Inspiring!

This is Sunny!

Just last week, Sean Carroll found a kitten meowing right on his doorstep.

“He seemed like he was blind when I found him because of the infection in his eyes,” Sean told Amy at Love Meow.


The kitten was literally just skin and bones. Sean immediately took him to the vet, and they let the kitten stay for one entire week so he could get the proper care and medical treatment he would need in order to recover.


The vets wanted Sean to adopt Sunny, so they decided to cover all of the medical costs.


“I’ve only had him for 24 hours and I cherish him like a child. I love him so very much! I feel bad when he squirms around and cries while feeding, but I want him to be nice and healthy.


‘He’s running around, practicing his pouncing, and loves to climb on people and furniture. If you lay down he will not hesitate to start climbing up your belly and sit right on your collar bone,” Sean told Amy of Love Meow.

”The doc said, if he eats all his meds he’ll be back to full health in 10 days.’


Sunny is looking better and better with every new day that passes!

”He is just the happiest ball of fuzz right now running around… As long as you give him food he’ll love you forever.”