Rescued Kitten From Roadside, Now All Grown Up!

A young man found a little ginger kitten on the road early in the morning at 2 A.M. while he was on his way to work some time ago.

He dropped everything he was doing to help the kitten in need.

“He was scared, it took me a half hour to get him into the car,” imgur user Jackabone told Love Meow. “He kept hissing at me but would start wheezing halfway through his hiss. He was so sick and tired.”

The kitten had fleas and a slight respiratory infection that made it quite difficult for him to breathe. He had ear mites, and he was just “a skinny little bag of bones.”

The young man took the kitten home with him and started caring for him. With help from a dropper, he was able to get water and food down him to help the kitten get the strength he needed.

He also gave the kitten antibiotics for his infection with yogurt.

“The antibiotics are hard on the digestive system so the yogurt helps counteract the negative effects.”

“He didn’t want to eat or drink, although he would dig into my beard and hair trying to nurse. Unfortunately for him I don’t have nipples growing on my chin or on the back of my head.

He seemed to enjoy getting his ears cleaned and really loved body heat. He slept almost the entire first day after bringing him home. I would wrap him up in a blanket and hold him while surfing imgur and he just dozed away.”

“He tries to meow, but almost no sound comes out, just little squeaks and chirps.”

This wonderful new cat dad made a comfortable bed with a heating-pad and layers of blankets and the kitten simply loved it!

By day 3, the ginger boy was strong enough to drink water on his own and even started eating some soft food and kitten kibbles.

“Here we are enjoying some breakfast. Due to his fondness of being wrapped up in blankets, we have dubbed him: Taco. We’ve had him over a week now and he is happy, healthy and getting into all sorts of trouble.”

“Here he is all grown up. His hobbies include, catching flies and eating them, walking on our faces at 6am, carrying his toy mouse around and chirping/chortling when the sun comes up.”

Photos: Jackabone

(Based on an original story written by our friend Amy at Love Meow.)

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