They Heard Frantic Meows Coming from Under the Ground – and the Rescue Began!

For the past 10 days, people frequenting the local Cultural Center, located in Araras, Brazil had been hearing the frantic meows of kittens coming from under the ground. People tried to alert the officials that the animals might be trapped underground, but it seemed no one was interested in helping.

“Unfortunately, some people wanted to leave the kittens die there,” explained one of those involved, Ricardo Urbach.

Luckily, the local people simply didn’t want to give up and they asked for help from the workers from a utility company. The workers soon started to tear up the concrete with a jackhammer but they were extremely careful not to hurt the creatures that were stuck underneath, below.

The people’s hard work and persistence paid off and 4 tiny kittens trapped in a pipe underneath the concrete were eventually rescued. The kittens were alive and most importantly, were well.

The group’s efforts didn’t stop there. They are trying also doing their best to find those tiny wee ones a happy forever homes.

“Since we announced the rescue of the kittens on social media, people in the area have donated milk, bottles, medicine and pet products. Today, they were treated by a veterinarian here in the city. They will be rehabilitated, then put up for adoption,” said one rescuer.

All’s well that end well!