Kitten Goes to the Vet with His Favorite Toy

No animal is happy when they go to the vet. This goes double for cats. They are not very friendly to vets so owners use different techniques to keep them calm. Samantha Smart learned a new technique in the cutest way possible.

Samantha and her family already had a pet cat. They weren’t really looking to add another kitten, but a stray called Ponyo won over their hearts when he appeared in their neighborhood. The tiny kitten came close to the family’s Florida apartment obviously looking for help. Samantha and her closest neighbors managed to trap him after a struggle and then decide to adopt him. He was too cute to be left on the street. In order to make the transmission smoother, Samantha’s daughter gave Ponyo her best BFF – a toy dragon.

Ponyo slept with his new friend the following night and every night after. After a while, it was time for him to get neutered. And what did the kitten do on his first trip to the vet? Took his BFF dragon, of course.

Everyone at the Operation Catnip shelter saw that Ponyo and the dragon are inseparable. They made sure both were together non-stop. Everything went well. Ponyo is a healthy and happy kitten and Samantha and her family believe that the dragon played a huge role in it.

Take a look at some pics of Ponyo and his buddy at the vet:

Image credits: Operation Catnip