Here’s How Cats Express Their Love For You

If you’re a cat fan like us, you know that as soon as you bring them home, cats become a part of our family. Although they live in packs in nature, they can live alone without the need of communicating with others. They do, however, need love and affection and enjoy your company.

Contrary to what most people think, cats are trying to communicate with you – but not in the common way.

Cats express love in different ways, and you can see the most common ones below.

Head Butting

Although it does seem strange or even aggressive to some, cats use head butting as a way of showing love and affection. According to experts, cats have special glands on their head, so when they’re rubbing against you, they are actually marking you with their scent. This makes you part of their family and is a sure sign that your cat loves you.


If your cat is sleeping on your lap and kneading you while you pet him (even if it hurts), you can bet that they love you. It’s actually one of the most common ways a cat shows affection for you.

Follows You

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know that they will follow you everywhere you go. Yes, it can be annoying, but it is also a way of expressing love. Cats are actually following you because they love being by your side. Simply wanting to be with you non-stop is definitely a way of expressing love.

Bringing Gifts

Has your cat ever brought you presents? It can be a toy or a small dead animal – whatever it is, you can bet that your cat loves you. According to Amy Shojai, animal consultant cats expect praise for the bounty they present to you, and it’s definitely a way of expressing their love for you.

Eye Contact

Yes, when your cat stares you right in your eyes it might seem strange, but according to experts, it’s only a way of showing their love for you. Eye contact is not common in the world of felines and they only make it with people or animals they trust. It’s a very intimate act for cats and one you should be proud of.