Here’s What Your Cat Thinks Of You

Have you ever wondered what your cat thinks about you? Well, these pictures tell the truth. Below you can see 10 pictures which perfectly show what your kitty has on their mind about you. Please tell us what kitten you relate the most with in the comments section below:

1. Your kitty only cares about food. He also thinks that you need to improve on your speed a lot. Well, hooman get going, don’t stop.

2. It is very convenient when the hooman is around. I can just sit and binge on my food without making any efforts to get it.

3. I don’t understand what’s with these hoomans. They keep on stealing my poop. Only god knows what they do with it. All I care about is that they take good care of me.

4. Why can’t they just leave the food in open? They keep on hiding it everywhere as if I will eat all of it at once. It will be more convenient if they just leave it open in open instead of the cupboards.

5. Theses humans can’t be at peace even for a moment. They keep on running after stupid things. Why don’t they understand that food and sleep are all that is needed for living a good life. They just waste too much of their efforts.

6. One good thing that these hoomans have ever done is feed me. I will always be grateful for that to these pretty people.

7. Why can’t you just leave me alone for a while? Always sticking around me and doing stupid stuff. I get bored with you, Mr Hooman.

8. At times even the kitty gets confused with the complicated hooman mind. What is it made of?

9. What gets into these hoomans that make them do such stupid stuff? Why can’t they just stay calm for some time?

10. The best part about these hoomans is that they don’t mind if you lick them or bite them. They do stupid things to get your attention.