Hero Dog Leads Hungry, Wet Kitten Home During Rainstorm

Dogs are certainly well known for their loyal and brave natures. It seems that most of them come with an extremely strong send of compassion and will go well out of their way to take care of the people around them – and sometimes even the other animals around.

All over he internet, especially, there are thousands upon thousands of stories of dogs lending a helping paw. Hazel just so happens to be one such .

While not all pups turn out to be service or search and rescue dogs, that clearly doesn’t mean they don’t have it in them to get the job done.

Hazel resides with her mom, Monica Burks, out in Abilene, Texas. The Yorkie-Chihuahua-Poodle mixed pup has been reported to be a constant joy and source of comfort to her proud mama.

One day recently, though, she proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is just as caring when it comes to other animals.

One partucular day, Monica gently bumped Hazel outside to get her to go potty. Hazel, for some reason, didn’t really want to go out in the rain and so, she needed a bit of encouragement. When the 3-year-old pup finally did venture out and didn’t return after a few moments, Monica began to worry.

When Monica took a look outside to search for Hazel, she was completely shocked to see her own beloved pup trotting up the driveway with a tiny, wet kitten beside her.

Monica surmises that once Hazel relived herself, she must have heard some thin, faint meows and decided to go investigate. And then when she located drenched kitten , which was obviously left in the rain all by itself, Hazel’s maternal instincts mus have just kicked themselves into overdrive.

Hazel decided she was going to help the kitten by leading it to Monica for some help.

Though Hazel was putting forth a wonderful effort, getting the kitten to tag along proved a difficult task. Witnessing all of these events unfold, Monica decided to grab her phone and record her pup trying her best to lure the kitten back home.

In the short but sweet 45-second video, you can clearly see Hazel running up the driveway with her new little friend right behind her. Though the kitten was indeed following Hazel closely, you can clearly see she was a bit nervous and reluctant, not knowing where Hazel was headed.

The kitten even pauses stops for a brief moment and looked like it might run back off, however, Hazel graciously turns back and convinces the kitten to keep on following.

Hazel then proceeds to run up the drive, hopping up onto the porch step. The little kitty, however, was having a much more difficult time. The rain water had begun pooling at the step and while Hazel was big enough to hop right through it, to the tiny kitten – the pool must have looked like a lake.

In the end, the kitty was tougher than it looks-ed and after struggling a bit with Hazel watching over her, she was ultimately able to make it up onto the step.

Hazel then turns around to jump over the threshold of the side door and back into the house. When she turned back to look for the kitten, however, she was a bit surprised to see it still outside on the porch. The little kitten wasn’t able to make it over the threshold by itself.

After watching the kitten struggling to climb up by itself, Hazel then decided to make it a bit easier on her newfound friend and uses her teeth to grab the kitten by its scruff. Hazel then swings the wet kitty into the house.

The video has been viewed by more than 700,000 people since it was first uploaded. Monica did manage to nurse the kitten back to health, with Hazel’s amazing and compassionate help. Monica decided to name her Sheba.

In the end, Sheba was adopted by Monica’s brother. Be sure to watch the inspiring video just below!

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