15 Amazing Facts About Cats! How Many of These Didn’t You Know?

If you’re a cat lover then you may already know that these creatures can bring much love and joy to their owners. But aside from that, there are some very interesting things you probably didn’t know about these lovely pets. And here are some of them … some of these mar surprise you!


1. Cats have 32 muscles all which control their ears.

2. The male cat is called a tom, a female cat is called a queen or molly and young cats are called kittens. Hence, a group of cats is called clowder.

3. Domestic cats usually weigh approximately 4 kilograms to 5 kilograms. The heaviest domestic cat ever recorded is 27.297 kilograms.

4. Cats have excellent hearing and they have a powerful sense of smell too. However, they can’t taste sweetness.

5. The world’s richest cat is worth about $13 million. And this particular cat got his fortune after his owner passed away and left everything to him.

6. Male cats are typically left-pawed while female cats are generally right-pawed.

7. Basically, dogs have higher social IQ than cats. However, cats can solve more difficult cognitive problems.

8. Abraham Lincoln loved cats. In fact, he kept four cats in the White House during his term.

9. In the 60s, CIA spent $20 million to train cats to spy on the Soviets. Unfortunately, the first spy cat was hit by passing a car.

10. In Korea and Japan, they have a Cat Cafés, where pet owners can go to drink coffee and have fun with their cats.

11. When a cat dies in ancient Egypt, the family members always shaved off their eyebrows to mourn the death of their pet.

12. In the United States, black cats are considered as bad luck. But in United Kingdom, Australia and Japan, black cats are considered to bring just the opposite … good luck.

13. The world’s smallest cat on record is just 2.75 inches tall and it is a male blue point Himalayan-Persian. His name is Tinker Toy.

14. If you’re currently pregnant, you should avoid cleaning cat’s litter box because it can give you Toxoplasmosis.

15. In ancient Egypt, you could be sentenced to death for killing a cat. But in Switzerland, eating cats is legal.

Well, we think these astounding facts are just more reasons for you to appreciate these creatures more. What are your thoughts?