Hero Saves Baby from Freezing to Death – VIDEO

A long-haired cat from Obninsk, Russia, leaped into action to save an abandoned baby recently and is being called a hero. The furry feline kept the baby boy warm and even meowed to get the attention of people passing by, the New York Post reported..

“The baby had only been outside for a few hours and thanks to Masha he was not damaged by the experience,” a hospital spokesman told Central European News.

Temperatures in Obninsk on the day the child was abandoned were in the 30s on Friday.

Local resident Irina Lavrova described the cat as a stray who is cared for by locals. She was described. as quiet and friendly. So naturally, when she heard the cat making a real fuss, she came to see what was going on.

“I thought that perhaps she had injured herself,” said Lavrova. “Normally she would have come and said hello to me. You can imagine my shock when I saw her lying in a box next to a baby.”

The abandoned child, who was apparently well-dressed when he was left outside, was said to be in great shape after an exam which was done at a nearby hospital. A hospital official said they have received an outpouring of support for the baby. Some people even sent donations of food and toys.

Lavrova believes Masha’s “mothering instincts” kicked in when she discovered the baby all alone and unattended by an adult.

“Everyone [on] the block is very proud of her,” Lavrova said. “We have all spoiled her rotten by giving her her favorite food.”

Who says cats are self-absorbed?

Source: www.youtube.com

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