Iris and Thula, the Story of an Autistic Girl and Her Best Friend in the World

Autism is no joke. It is a very difficult condition to live with and especially for a child.

In December of 2011, young Iris was diagnosed with Autism.

Everyone around her was worried she would never lead a normal life … that there would always be obstacles and stumbling blocks set before her. They worried about how she would find her place within this world and even around people.

Then just when something magical happened.

Iris’ parents decided to bring home a special new friend for her.

This is the story of Iris and a Maine Coon cat named Thula!

In a short period of time, this beautiful cat did more for Iris than any medical procedure, any means of therapy and certainly more than any medications!

Be sure to scroll all the way down to see the inspiring video of Iris and Thula!


One of Iris’ challenges had been speaking and speaking well, Having Thula around, Iris was able to practice her speech by talking to the cat!

It wasn’t long before her speech became, for lack of a better word, better.


To this day, Iris and Thula are always together.


Iris and Thula do everything together, including swim!

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Thula even enjoys taking baths with Iris!

Check out these two amazing souls together:

Thula truly isn’t just a “therapy cat,” she is a miracle!

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