Unadoptable Cats? Not with This Program!

When it comes to adopting cats, you’ll certainly hear many people say that some cat is unadoptable. However, there’s no such thing as an unadoptable cats – they’re all beautiful and all deserve a chance.

Sadly, most people have some kind of preference for cats, which creates a big problem for shelters and animal centers. Thousands of cats are not easily adopted just because they’re black or are a few years old. Fortunately, Purina and Cats Protection have recently launched the Unadoptables campaign which has the goal of finding home for nearly 200,000 cats stuck in animal shelters across the UK.

It’s all been part of Purina and Cats Protection’s Unadoptables campaign

People are unbelievable sometimes – if you can believe it, no one likes adopting black cats because they don’t look good in selfies! Yes, that’s a reason for leaving a totally normal kitty behind in the shelter! Luckily, the Unadoptable campaign is trying to educate people by sharing stories of 3 adopted moggies who have found their perfect match.

Sam has helped Elaine smile again

Take a look at Sam – this wonderful white moggie was adopted by a deaf widow named Elaine, bringing happiness back to the old woman after her husband suddenly passed away. Just like Elaine, Sam had hearing problems as well, and she instantly knew they are a match.

Belle has become an integral part of the family

Another successful story is this cutie called Belle. Belle was adopted by a mother allergic to cats who worked with Cats Protection to invent a unique way of getting her son a cat. Belle was suffering from anxiety and spent most of her time outside. She was a perfect match for Sam, who was allergic to cats her whole life and couldn’t get her son a pet. Now, Belle is living in a cool pad in the yard and everyone’s happy.

Coco reminded her owners of the cat from TV’s Sabrina And The Teenage Witch

Coco is another successful story from the Unadoptables campaign. Her new mom Lara has always wanted to get a black cat just like the cat from the popular TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Coco was the perfect match and they clicked right away.

Cats Protection and Purine have been collaborating for 30 years. They paved the way for dozens of shelters across the country, keeping kitties safe and giving them the perfect conditions to live in until they’re adopted. And, with the Unadoptables program, every cat is given the same chance.