The Story of Macho Man Rescuing a Special Needs Kitten Will Make You Love Him Even More!


We don’t need to give you reasons to truly love the late, great Macho Man Randy Savage. The pro wrestling legend and long-overdue WWE Hall of Famer still lives on in the hearts of old and new wrestling fans alike. His brother Lanny — also known as WWF wrestler The Genius and my personal favorite Poffo — recently took to Facebook to remind us all that even though he’s gone, those new reasons still exist:

Is anyone else incredibly sad that we simply don’t get a modern-day Macho Man series of animal rescue PSAs? Senior and special-needs pets always seem need extra help to convince people to take them home.

A quick search reveals that there are numerous cats named Macho Man all across the U.S. available for adoption, so hey, maybe think about rescuing a new little kitty dude of your own.

RIP Randy Savage!