This Home Was Visited By A Family Of Bobcats!

CALGARY, CANADA – A woman went out to wash her front door, when she was startled by this furry family!

”I saw the mother and one kitten, and all of a sudden kittens just started popping up,” Katherine Reiffenstein stated.

She took a a handful of pictures before they ran off, after they had a chance to check out the inside of the house from the window, of course. The consensus in her area is that the mother cat has been around a while, and that she must have had her kittens somewhere in the southwest Calgary neighborhood of Haysboro.

Sheila Foster and her husband who live in the same neighborhood also got to see this little family play in their backyard! The cats absolutely loved playing with a fake grass carpet, and throwing pine-cones.

“Absolutely no threat to anyone except those pesky squirrels,” said Foster, who welcomes the convenient wildlife viewing through her back patio window.

Bobcats are a rarity in the Calgary area.