Cat Rescued By Turkish Soldier In Syria Finds Forever Home In A …

Barıs, which means ‘Peace’ in Turkish, just so happens to be a very lucky kitty!

At just eight months old, he was found in al-Bab during ongoing attacks. He was lucky to have avoided injury or death for that long.

(Picture: Credit: CEN/Youtube)

Barıs was discovered by a Turkish soldier in February, during the Euphrates Shield Operation, and immediately taken to a local shelter called the Improving the Life of Living Animals Association in Ganziantep.

It was there that the cat’s story spread all over the internet, featuring in newspapers and trending on Reddit.

(Picture: CEN/YouTube)

The shelter was literally flooded by adoption applications from people desperate to give the cat a loving home.

And in the end, he’s found one.

Barıs has now found a loving home in a bookshop, which is run by Kırmızı Kedi (which means ‘Red Cat’) Publishing House in Istanbul.

(Picture: Anadolu Agency)

The owner, whose name is Haluk Hepkon, sent an employee to pick Barıs up and bring him to Istanbul, where he quickly settled in.

It’s only been just about a week since the cat moved in, but he’s already spending his days lounging on books and greeting customers.

‘He is now our most precious member of staff,’ Haluk explained to the Daily Hürriyet.

(Picture: Anadolu Agency)

‘The fact that Barış will live his life in a publishing house whose name is ‘Red Cat’ is the right ending for his own story.

‘The humanity that our soldier showed should not be left half-finished.

‘Barış came to Kırmızı Kedi and I hope peace will also come to Syria and Middle East.’