Homeless Cat Opens Its Eyes For The First Time In Years, Stuns Everyone With Their Beauty

The poor soul you can see in the pics is named Cotton. Cotton spent the best part of his life on the streets, suffering from a number of diseases and being a step away from death. His eyes were closed due to mange and he looked in a pretty bad shape. Until destiny took a turn for the better and Cotton was saved by a guardian angel.

Carmen Weinberg from Animal Friends Project Inc. says that no one would have taken this homeless cat in. He looked bad and most likely felt bad too. He was alone out in the cold and obviously riddled with diseases.

Carmen cleaned the poor cat nicely and fed him proper meals. Day by day, Carmen treated Cotton with various creams and antibiotics so he could regain his strength. As she says, he was finally able to sleep like a normal cat as he wasn’t scratching anymore.

It was obvious that the cat needed help, and Carmen did the best she could. After a week, the cat was finally able to see again. He opened his eyes, revealing one blue and one green eye. Day by day, the transformation was incredible. Although everyone thought the cat was blind, Cotton could see like any cat.

A few months later, Cotton transformed into a beautiful dashing tomcat. Everyone was surprised to see the poor kitty turn into such a beautiful cat.Take a look at him now:

Image credits: Carmen Morales Weinberg