Cat Named George Rescued from Utility Pole!

WASHINGTON – A cat was recently rescued from where it was stuck high up a utility pole Saturday.

Washington state firefighters with Eastside Fire and Rescue Station 85 were summoned to the scene by concerned neighbors.

The “obviously hot and tired feline” was stuck high up on a pole.

“Cat calls, the temptation of a can of tuna, and dried food didn’t lure the cat to the ground,” fire officials stated.

One seemingly perfect throw by a firefighter allowed the cat a small bite. Yet. George would not come down.

The cat’s owners were eventually located and said the cat had not been seen for 36 hours. Even they themselves were not able to convince George to come down.

Comcast/Xfinity crews were informed of the situation and asked for their assistance. Within just 30 minutes time, fire officials said the crew arrived with a service truck capable of performing the rescue.

“Many thanks to Richard and Corbin from Comcast/Xfinity for their willingness to respond,” fire officials concluded.