Woman Catches Her Cat Returning From Neighbor’s Property With Stolen Goods

Stealing doesn’t make you cool – it makes you a criminal. It’s never cute no matter who does it, although when it comes to cats, it kinda comes natural. Cats have been known to steal stuff every once in a while. It can be anything from that piece of chicken you left on the table to that candy you were planning on later. Just like the biggest thieves, they will never admit to stealing. And they like to brag about their prizes.

Take a look at this cat. Max, a New Zealand “native”, took his set of (thieving) skills to a new level. Instead of bringing his owner a bird like every normal cat, Max brings them news. The 10-year old was always wild. As Max’s owner Jade Jefferies says, Max was always feral. One day, the family was surprised to see a newspaper on their porch they didn’t subscribe to.

As it turns out, Max was the paperboy. This happened a few times per week, and Max was finally busted after Jade noticed the tiny teeth marks on the paper. One day, Jade was at home and was curious to see what Max does. She caught him in the act. The scruffy cat went to the neighbor’s house and stole their newspaper!

Here’s a video of the whole thing. Oh, Max, you old thief!

Image credits: Jade Jefferies