Cat caught comforting dog with anxiety when left home by themselves

Adopting a dog that has previously been a part of a dysfunctional family is not easy at all. These dogs are often traumatized by their experience and need a lot of love and care in order to be able to function. However, if you’re set on loving them, they will love you more than anyone else.

Brenna Eckert adopted such a dog named Joulie. Joulie was suffering from anxiety and was certainly showing signs of it. When Brenna took it home, the dog was very quiet and anxious about contact, and it was absolutely very afraid of being left home alone.

But, Brenna was intent on helping Joulie overcome her fears. She believed another pet would help the dog a lot, so she got an orange tabby called Kelvin. It really worked – not soon after bringing Kelvin home, he and Joulie became best friends. Bit by bit, Joulie learned how to trust others again.

Brenna wanted to see how her pets hang out when she’s not home so she put up a camera in the room. She was surprised to see that even though it seemed like they weren’t paying attention to each other, they were snuggling all day long when she wasn’t here.