A Hot Firefighter, Uniform Partially Unzipped, Rescued Kittens From a Burning Building

CANADA – The unnamed gorgeous hero saved a group of baby kittens from a burning home around 10 am Saturday morning in British Columbia.

Firefighters were successfully able to extinguish the blaze, but the damage inside was extensive, deputy fire chief Russ Jenkins explained to the Langley Advance.


The National Post is reporting that Russ Jenkins, deputy fire chief of Langley Township, explained that while firefighters were able to put out the flames, the damage done inside the home was extensive.

What Jenkins failed to mention is that one member of his team is actually a gift from God, apparently, in more ways than one!

Behold! An image of the perfect man resuscitating kittens with a special oxygen machine.

We here at The Best Cat Page send our best thoughts to the family affected by the fire!