Photographer Does Kitten Photo Shoot Of Her Daughter’s Kitten And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Kitty Schaub is a professional photographer who usually does photo shoots of newborns. When her daughter got an adorable black kitten, Kitty decided to go ahead and take the camera and create something absolutely sweet.

And so, Luna the newborn kitten became the subject of some of the cutest kitten pictures we have ever seen. The kitten photo shoot quickly became a huge success not only with Kitty’s daughter but with social media. These super cute and sweet pictures went viral shortly after being posted on social media.

A Calendar To Assist Other Animals

While the kitten photo shoot was an instant hit, Kitty decided that these precious photos could actually help other animals. And so, she began creating a calendar with Luna the kitten as the star. All of the proceeds from the Luna calendar are actually going to a local animal shelter which is called Save A Stray, located in St. Josephs Michigan. As a result, since May 2nd, the calendar has raised over $1000 for Save a Stray.

Something that started as a mere keepsake project for Kitty’s daughter has turned into a beautiful way to help other animals.

If you wish to get one of these super cute calendars, you can find information on Kitty Schaub’s Photography Site.

While you’re taking a look at the gorgeous photos, grab yourself a calendar.

And so – sweet little kitten Luna is helping other animals by being the star in a kitten photo shoot!

How remarkable is that!?

Photo credits: Kitty Lee Photography | Facebook | h/t: Bored Panda