Hotel Cat Moves into Hearts of 2 Brothers And They Can’t Resist

A stray hotel cat who had been coming to a hotel for food for years met two brothers who were guests at the time, but he quickly stole their hearts…

The family was visiting Sierra Nevada, Spain where they met a stray cat who captured their hearts.

“The sweet old lady who runs the hotel my family are staying at started feeding him years ago. Since then, he’s grown more and more friendly – now he’s part of the hotel family (hence the collar) and loves to meet new guests. He spends all his time wandering the hotel grounds and sunbathing,” Josh said.

He stole their hearts right away!

“… so comfortable that we took him for a walk! He was purring the whole way!”

Rufus decided to follow the two siblings wherever they went and that helped them to make a huge decision. They decided to bring Rufus back to their apartment to live with them.

The three of them now are a family.