Stray Kitten So Scared He Kept Crying And Hiding Until …

After finding safety and shelter in a warehouse, the scared little wee one cried. However, he was too afraid to come out and get help!

David W. explained that the cat had been living in one of his company’s warehouses for a couple of weeks. Everyone could clearly hear the kitten crying, but no one could seem to get him to come out of hiding.

David and his wife had several of their own animals and together, they decided to try and earn the kitten’s trust. They went to the warehouse armed to the teeth with food and water.

The smell of the food was must have been too difficult to resist. After a couple hours, David and his wife saw the kitten’s head come popping out from his hiding spot. Eventually, the hungry kitten started to nibble on the food.

The couple stayed near the kitten as he ate his first good meal. For a few hours, they tried to comfort him and get him to completely come out of his hideout.

Finally, he walked up to his new human friends with his tail sticking straight up in the air. He looked right into their eyes and he seemed like he was saying “Thank you.”

David and his wife got the kitten into a carrier and took him home – to his brand new forever home!

David’s wife name the kitty Oliver, Ollie for short. Ollie settled in nicely in his new home. David noted that Ollie needs to lay in someone’s lap everyday afternoon.

Ollie also gets along with the family’s other animals.

After crying in the warehouse for a week – this kitten, according to David, does absolutely nothing but purr 24/7!

Beautiful story!

(H/T: Love Meow)