Hungry Feral Kitten In the Pouring Rain Learns What Love Is

A man went to feed a hungry feral kitten that he had befriended during a rain storm. The kitty was so happy and delighted after eating that he rubbed against his human friend, thanking him for the food and love.

The kitty is from a managed feral colony. Most of the cats are very afraid of people, but this particular kitten is starting to open up to Robin Seplut who comes to feed him every morning without fail no matter the weather is like.

The man called the kitten to follow him to dry land and the kitten followed.

The kitten was so happy for having food that he rubbed against his human friend, purring up a storm, to thank him.


“I don’t stop because of rain and mud! I still go to feed a hungry kitten in the rain. I will continue to feed the hungry kitten in the snow and cold rain. Poor kitten, always getting food from me,”

Robin said.

What are YOU grateful for?

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