Thoughtful Pupils Had Surprise For Teacher Who Was Distraught Over Death of Her Beloved Cat! – VIDEO!

Rachel Hanhart’s teacher was completely devastated and distraught when her cat died.

She and her classmates were looking for ways through which they cheer her up.

They bought her flowers and cupcakes – but they also had something else for her …

She was shocked by the kind gesture CREDIT: HELENA HORTON

She was shocked by the kind gesture CREDIT: HELENA HORTON

They decided to get her two kittens to replace her cat!

Mrs. Andrews was clearly happy and emotional in the video, where her pupils surprised her with gifts.

She was completely speechless – but looked very happy – when she gladly accepted her presents.

The pupils, who hail from the US, seemed to be overjoyed that their teacher was happy again.

Though they did retweet jokes about how the gifts were presented just prior their final exams:

The kind pupils stated in another video: “We are about to go surprise Mrs. Andrews because her cat died yesterday, so we bought her new kittens.”

Rachel Hanhart was holding the two adorable animals while she waited for the other classmates, holding cupcakes and balloons, to enter the room first.

It seems Mrs. Andrews is a dearly-loved woman and teacher – and she seems very happy with her new pets.