Instagram Celebrity Cat, Mash, Gets Own Line of Furry Fashion Shoes!

You know you’re a star when you get your very own line of fashionable shoes. In fact, it means you’re an icon. You’re a style and trendsetter. But meanwhile, deep down inside, you’re still a squishy-faced cat named Mash.

Mash is a major Instagram celebrity over in Japan with a whopping 182,000 followers who hang on every furry moment of him playing with toys, sitting on pillows or sometimes, just yawning.

And now, he has his own series of women’s shoes made in collaboration with Japanese fashion brand Randa. The line includes a selection of fake-fur pumps in hues that purr-fectly match Mash’s own beige-ish/orange color scheme.

Mash looks like he's falling asleep on the job.

Mash looks like he’s falling asleep on the job.


The fashion star of the bunch is clearly the pair of shoes that also have a plush version of Mash’s head perched to the side of the heel.

Each pair even features a cat footprint on the bottom of the sole.

A good portion of the shoes will be available in both Randa stores and online (you made need a proxy buyer if you’re outside Japan) in October.

The Mash-faced pumps, however, are limited to certain stores only.

Now all everyone needs is a line of Grumpy Cat hats. Oh wait – we have those already!