Woman’s Boyfriend Leaves Her, Taking Their Cats and Then She Finds – a ‘New Love’!

When Rylee Rae and her boyfriend broke up, she felt completely alone. It wasn’t only the fact that he’d moved out, but when he left, he took their beloved hairless cats with him. It hit her very hard and she couldn’t shake off that feeling of loneliness. The loss of her cats alone was more than she could bear, more so than even than the ending of her relationship.


So when she spotted a notice that stated “Hairless Cat Found,” she didn’t hesitate. What followed was a story of friendship that’s enough to bring a tear to your eye.


When Rylee got word that there was a hairless cat who was about two hours south of her home in Toronto, she responded right immediately.

“The post was up for 20 minutes and I messaged them and was like, ‘Please let me love her unconditionally for the rest of her days,’ and they said, ‘Absolutely.’ “


The delightful kitty, whom Rylee afterwards named Delores, was having trouble in her previous home with other cats, who frequently bullied her.

“It was destiny,” Rylee stated. “We are soul mates.”

Like most hairless cats, Delores often gets a little cold. And so she sleeps under blankets in bed at night to stay warm.


“I’m a little worried about the winter months but I have my mother who is a fantastic knitter and is on the job to make us winter knits,” Rylee stated.


“She is a real life chicken cherub angel sweetheart,” Rylee went on to explain. “That’s what she is.”


It looks to us like these two will be together forever. They truly seem like the purr-fect match!

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H/T: honesttopaws.com