Trucker Finds His Best Travel Bud Cat After Months of Searching

Matthew B. is a trucker from Texas who traveled along his faithful companion Ashes the cat. These best buds have spent years on the road together and took pictures that received a lot of attention online. A few months, ago, though, Ashes managed to slip out of Matt’s truck somewhere in Ohio and was nowhere to be found. Matthew did everything he could, searching the cat for days. However, Ashes was long gone and no trail was left behind.

The trucker’s heart was literally broken to pieces. He didn’t want to go on the road alone, but he had a job to do. For two months, Matt rearranged routes so he could pass through Ohio and search for his buddy. He didn’t have any luck. Eventually, he had nothing else to do but give up. And that’s when luck struck.

An Ohio man spotted Ashes and immediately took the cat to the animal shelter Lollypop Farm. The staff scanned Ashes’ microchip and found Matt’s details. Everyone was stunned to see that Ashes was thousands of miles away from home. They immediately called Matthew and he was overjoyed to finally get his buddy back. The reunion was emotional, to say the least, and the pics instantly went viral online.

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