These Funny Photos Show Why Trusting A Cat Is A Foolish Thing To Do!

As cat fans, we can’t stop praising our pets, but everyone knows that having a cat as a pet isn’t without challenges. Cats can’t always be trusted, even if they do look innocent. Here’s why you should never, ever trust a cat:

1. What can you do when the damage is already done. So let me just some more fun.

2. Cats have their own level of comfort and nothing can match that, not even all the comfortable places that you got them.

3. You locked me in, so I had to do my part here. Your welcome!

4. You will realise that you were at fault sooner or later. I was just trying to teach you how to do things properly.

5. When you try to give a bath to your cats and they decide to help you.

6. Now what will you do to get out of it?

7. How can you shoot a video without me in it? That’s not at all right.

8. Why is this kitty so desperate to get in the library? Is he hiding a dead mouse in there?

9. This kitty doesn’t approve of such behaviour.

10. And for once you learnt how to gain control on your cat. There you go Mr Hooman, your efforts are paying off.