A Dog Runs Through Flames to Save His Kitten Buddy

In the hectic world we’re living in, positive news often go unnoticed. We’re so obsessed with tragedy and drama that we miss heroic acts every day. Take this one from Ukraine for example – not a month ago, a hero dog ran through a burning house to save his kitten buddy. If you ever needed one more reason to love dogs, this story it a pretty big one.

Last month, a fire in a house in the city of Donetsk broke out, spreading clouds of smoke and ash over the sky. As soon as it broke out, the residents headed out in panic with their dog. They forgot about the kitten though – it was unfortunately trapped inside and no one could get to it.

Well, no one but the dog. While the poor owned cried unable to save the kitty, the dog ran through the flames to save his buddy from certain death. He got out in minutes with the kitten in his mouth. Miraculously, both were unharmed. The dog and kitten were best friends and spent whole days playing with each other. Thanks to this dog, the owner was relieved to have both his buddies come out alive from this tragic event.

A Dog Runs Through Flames to Save His Kitten Buddy

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The dog took a massive risk to save his little buddy. It’s fair to say that people wouldn’t do the same, but dogs are special creatures. The moral of this story is that we should never leave anyone behind. If a hero dog could do it, so could you.